7 Tips For Building a New Home

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Building a house has a lot of moving parts. Much of the process begins before the plans even begin to get drawn up! So below are 7 tips for building a new home.

1. Organize your plan and design ideas

We have many options for design plans and past projects we have worked on that can help to inspire you. But first, it is helpful to talk to others who have gone through the building process, and to take a look at some of the social media boards.

2. Explore all your budgeting options and get your financing in check.

This one is important. Before beginning on a project of this size, you should speak to a lender and know what you can afford.

To get started, you can contact Bret Kuntz (NMLS#2297), the branch manager at Network Funding. His contact info is: Phone: 225.229.3201 | Email: bret.kuntz@nflp.com | Or just Apply Today.

3. Choose an experienced builder that you can trust

Whether you are considering using Justin Jackson Construction or someone else, make sure you have an open line of communication, and don’t be afraid to ask the serious questions regarding qualifications and experience.

4. Create a non-negotiable list so that you can ensure that all your “necessities” are realistic.

There are things that you may want, and then there are things that you may need; and while that may seem obvious, it is good to physically write out your full list and make sure you end up with all of the needs, and make sure you are able to talk out the logistics of those needs prior to the completed project.

5. Make sure you fully understand your contract and what you are agreeing to.

This is pretty straight forward as well, but it should still be said that you understand the full project deliverables and to make sure that all of those needs are on the list. A contract with Justin Jackson Construction will be gone over with you prior to beginning the project, but any additional questions should be noted.

6. Look for any possible ways that you can save money.

While you may not often hear this from a builder, we do want you to be able to get the home that makes you happy and we also know that sometimes that means you will need to make considerations for brands and finishes. These smaller things can add up, and we can help you with those decisions.

7. Establish a reliable communication method with your builder so that you are constantly in the know.

Justin Jackson Construction uses a very helpful software called Co-Construct which helps all parties keep up with the progress of the project. As with most projects, this means that there may be some things that are needed of you to keep the project moving forward, so be sure to ask questions, and keep up with the updates as well.


For any additional questions on the home building process, contact Justin Jackson today!